2014 GHNNC Stakeholder Survey


The Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council has put together a simple survey to learn more about what our stakeholders want.  You can help us out a lot by participating.

Please be as frank and complete in your answers as possible. Our Council boundaries are the 118 freeway on the south, the 405 freeway on the east, Aliso Canyon on the west, and the County line on the north.

This survey will be used only for GHNNC outreach efforts and to give guidance about community needs. This survey is subject to the Public Records Act; the Council will protect confidential information, such as home addresses, to the extent of the law. Aggregated results of the survey will be posted on the GHNNC website. We appreciate your taking the time to complete this survey. Your feedback will help guide the direction of your Neighborhood Council and to improve the quality of life in Granada Hills. Thank you!


Neighborhood Council Budget Day – Saturday 8/16/14

NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL BUDGET ADVOCATES in conjunction with the Department Of Neighborhood Empowerment present: Neighborhood Council Budget Day – Saturday 8/16/14. 7:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Board of Public Works Room CITY HALL 200 N. Spring St Los Angeles California 90012.

All are invited to attend this free event. Click here to RSVP for the event.
Or call 213 978 1676 with name, contact info and NC affiliation (if any).

To reserve parking, include your vehicle’s make, model and plate number.

Street Blitz to Fix Potholes in GHNNC Area


The Neighborhood Council Initiative (known to us as the Street Blitz), run by the Bureau of Street Services (BSS), is back! Our area will be assigned a two-person crew on a hot asphalt truck to patch street potholes, pop-outs, small eroded or cracked areas, and do minor curb and sidewalk patching. No, the crew is not equipped to handle tree roots that have damaged the street, nor are they able to do any major repair for uplifted sidewalks.

Our turn is coming up real soon. They can do about 15 locations, so we’re looking for the worst spots that can be patched. We’re asking for your help in preparing that list for submission to BSS. Since this is based on Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council boundaries, the locations MUST be north of the 118 freeway, west of the 405 freeway, and east of Aliso Canyon, up to the County line.

Please make your submission no later than Saturday, July 12. Include the type of repair (pothole, pop-out, etc.), the address (preferred) or intersection, and which side of the street (north bound, east side, etc.). The more info you can provide, the less time spent by BSS trying to find the location. Remember, potholes and minor repairs only. Tree root damage is out, as are streets and sidewalks that require more extensive repairs.

Send your request to whopkins@ghnnc.org.

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