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October 12, 2012

Residential Burglary Alert


As a reminder please continue to practice safe approaches to anyone coming to your home representing themselves as service workers asking access to your property.

A recent incident of a distraction burglary occurred in Granada Hills where the first suspect posed as a tree trimmer worker and asked for access to the back yard. While the resident was occupied with the first suspect a second one accessed the home and completed the burglary.

The suspects can easily pose as utility workers wearing a variety of uniforms. They can look very official, sometimes posing as City workers, and they can be very deceiving even down to the type of vehicles they drive.

The best way to handle this type of situation is to verify the legitimacy of the service request with the proper entity prior to allowing access to any portion of your property, including the back yard.

If you suspect criminal activity contact the police department at once; 911 for emergencies and 1-877-275-5275 for non-emergency matters.

Mailing address:
16911 San Fernando Mission Blvd, PMB 137
Granada Hills, CA 91344-4250
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