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July 30, 2012

HGTV Casting - Landscaping Makeovers!

If You Live in Los Angeles, We Want to Give You a Dramatic Yard Makeover!

HGTV is casting for a new landscaping makeover series and several episodes will be shot in Los Angeles this summer. Homeowners selected for the show will receive a dramatic yard makeover at little or no cost.

We're looking for people who have a really ugly yard, but would love to have a beautiful space to entertain outdoors. Each show will end with a fun backyard celebration such as a birthday or reunion so if you are in desperate need of a backyard makeover for a special event, don't miss out on this opportunity.  Projects will take one week and homeowners will be asked to  participate at various times throughout the shoot.
If you're interested in applying to be part of the show, send an email to Please include your full contact information, photos of your ugly yard, and description of the event you’d like to host.
Magnetic Productions Casting Team

8 comments on “HGTV Casting - Landscaping Makeovers!”

  1. Moved into my half acre property of dirt. My poor dogs developed allergies, one ate fox tails and the other developed ear infection. HELP!!!

  2. HELP!!! We are a family in Manhattan Beach, CA and in need of a new backyard!!! We are new to the area...recently relocated from the Midwest... and just finished a remodel on the inside of a 1940s home we bought. We are completely stumped on what to do with the outside. We would like to host a backyard open house to meet our new neighbors

  3. WOW Im so glad I logged on and found this contest! Im a Army Veteran and recently bought my first home in 2012 and while I love my home, my landscape is somewhat less than desirable, my front yard has a big ugly bush that gets moldy at times UUUGGGHHH! And in the back yard there's a big old cactus 12 feet tall and some bird of paradise and old brick yhing they use to burn trash, please I welcome any help.

  4. I have a nice backyard! It was nice until my husband plant different plants all over that doesn't connect and looks like a jungle. We tried to keep it the best we can because our swimming pool is his most favorite place in the house. We love to travel and we get ideas from hotel pool to make it look like our own backyard. Until few weeks ago when we vacation in Punta Cana Dominican Republic at Hard Rock Hotel to celebrate our 14 yrs of our marriage he accidentally drowned in the beach and did not make it. What should be our happiest day turned out to be my most traumatic and saddest time. I came home by myself to LAX and waited for my husband's remains after 6 days. I may never get my dream backyard anymore now that my husband passed away. We left LAX Nov 6 and he died Nov 9, 2013.

  5. Is it too late to be considered/? We just bought a 1966 ranch house from the original owner in Claremont California. It was the worst house on the block. The original owner had not changed anything is a decade and stopped water the lawn. The lot is hugh 14000 sf and the folks in Claremont often do desert landing due to the high cost of water in Southern Calfiornia. We haven't yet taken possession of the house but will do so in Mid March. We plan on updating the inside before tackling the yard but our 21 year son would like to help design the backyard to create that entertaining and appealing southern California feel.

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