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July 29, 2013

NC Plan Review Survey for Stakeholders

This survey has been created by the Neighborhood Council Plan Review committees to provide you with an opportunity to weigh in on a number of current Neighborhood Council policy issues. Your time and attention is valuable and greatly appreciated.

Over the last half year, Neighborhood Council Plan Review committees have been carefully considering many of the laws which govern the Neighborhood Council system. A number of their recommendations have now gone before the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners. Before voting on the recommendations, the Commission would like your input. By filling out this survey, you will be providing the Commission with valuable feedback.

The committees have proposed motions recommending to amend the City's Administrative Codes which touch upon numerous topics and would ultimately require City Council action. In some cases, the changes (or reaffirmation of current policy) can be effectuated at the Commission or Department level.

The nine topics that you’ll see addressed in the motions presented in this survey include:

  1. NC subdivision/boundary adjustment policies
  2. Grievances and complaints policies and procedures
  3. Rules for governing board selections
  4. Election policies and procedures; term limits
  5. Brown Act and posting policies
  6. NCs and rule formulation; appointments of General Manager, Board of Neighborhood Commissioners
  7. Creating and maintaining information and communication network for public use
  8. Duties of the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners
  9. Exhaustive efforts process

If you would like to view the worksheets and related documents that the NC Plan Review committees used as they deliberated on these issues, you can do so at You can also leave comments on the webpage.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your input is valuable to the Commission and to the Neighborhood Council system.

Mailing address:
16911 San Fernando Mission Blvd, PMB 137
Granada Hills, CA 91344-4250
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