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April 10, 2014

2014 GHNNC Stakeholder Survey

The Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council has put together a simple survey to learn more about what our stakeholders want.  You can help us out a lot by participating. Please be as frank and complete in your answers as possible. Our Council boundaries are the 118 freeway on the south, the 405 freeway on the east, Aliso Canyon on the west, and the County line on the north. This survey will be used only for GHNNC outreach efforts and to give guidance about community needs. This survey is subject to the Public Records Act; the Council will protect confidential information, such as home addresses, to the extent of the law. Aggregated results of the survey will be posted on the GHNNC website. We appreciate your taking the time to complete this survey. Your feedback will help guide the direction of your Neighborhood Council and to improve the quality of life in Granada Hills. Thank you!

One comment on “2014 GHNNC Stakeholder Survey”

  1. 1. I think more attention needs to be paid to propper graffiti removal of natural surfaces "SAND BLASTING" and removing the unsightly patch quilt of squares on block walls on Rinaldi east of Gothic and Balboa south of Woodley.
    2. Who's idea was it to spend tens of thousands of dollars planting trees along Balboa N of Knollwood and then not care for them or water them. This is the apitimy if government waste.
    3. We need more beautification projects in GH North tree planting on parkways and the hundreds of empty tree wells, weed and trash abatment along the Balboa corridor this is a mess.
    4. Working with state and Caltrans to upgrade the landscaping on the freeway ramps in GH North, and keep them graffiti and litter free.
    5. Force the owner of the Knollwood shopping center at Balboa and Midwood to remove the graffiti that covers the entire back of his center that is visible from Knollwood Dr. I reported this to Collin at Englanders office 2 months ago and still nothing.
    6. Monument sign at Balboa and Rinaldi "Welcome to Granada Hills North"

    Thanks for listening.

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