November 13, 2015

So Cal Gas Advisory


Alert from the Gas Co: During activities to stop the flow of gas from a leaking gas storage well, there was a release of oily mist into the air, and oily liquid to surface. Quantities are unknown, and the release is ongoing. It started approx. at 1:17 pm Friday November 13. Out of an abundance of caution, we're asking residents to stay inside until further notice.

Well-control experts are pumping a heavy brine solution into a leaking gas storage well at the Aliso Canyon facility near Northridge, CA. The weight of the liquid acts as a stopper to stop the flow of gas. The liquid is being pumped into the well under pressure, and resulted in an oily mist that has floated into the air and may float over neighborhoods. The liquid is a mixture of brine water and oily residues from the gas storage field. Based on the information we have at this time we do not believe these materials pose a threat to public health.

Aliso Canyon Leak Updates

One comment on “So Cal Gas Advisory”

  1. I smelled natural gas on the 118 freeway tonight between 6PM and 8PM on my way
    to and from Simi Valley. It was the worst at the Porter Ranch exit and when I got closer to
    Reseda Blvd on my way east, it could no longer notice it. Just wanted to let you know that it
    made it all the way down to the freeway.

    I am a Granada Hills resident that experiences odors from the Sunshine Canyon Landfill.
    I feel and smell you pain.

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