April 18, 2021

IMPORTANT NEWS: Aliso Canyon Health Study FEEDBACK DEADLINE EXTENDED: Friday, April 30th at 5PM

Thank you to all who have participated in recent meetings with the GHNNC and the CAG re: the health study. The GHNNC is pleased to inform you if you haven't yet given your feedback, there is still time to do so as Dept of Public Health has extended the time to respond.

WHY should I respond? We feel that only a clinically-based health study will result in the Gold Standard Health Study that our community deserves.

HOW do I respond? We recommend via Email to: AlisoStudy@ph.lacounty.gov

EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: Aliso Cyn Disaster Health Research Study Public Comment on Goals and Priorities Document

You may wish to CC the following to maximize the impact of your comments:

WHAT do I say in my comments?

Require research to be clinically focused:

  • Require clinical examinations.
  • Require long-term clinical monitoring and evaluation.
  • Require evaluation of the acute disaster exposures as well as the chronic exposure before and after the blowout.
  • Require evaluation of all chemicals and substances of exposure, including radiation, crude oil, and particulate matter

Require transparency of the following flaws in existing data:

  • Data based on estimates of known chemical exposure, much is unknown
  • California Council on Science & Technology (CCST) deemed the air monitoring measurements to be flawed and unusable for a Health Assessment.
  • No air monitoring data in the early days of the blowout when the release was most intense
  • Air monitoring toxic trigger points were set arbitrarily and well above safety limits.
  • The majority of the air monitoring during the blowout was done by SoCalGas

Require Dept. of Public Health to deliver foundational, scientific data about the exposure chemicals and substances since researchers will not have subpoena authority to compel SoCalGas to provide this data:

  • Complete chemical list used in daily operations.
  • Complete composition of gas, liquids, and solids from the blowout.
  • Complete compostion of well-kill elements and quantities.
  • Contents of missing evidence bins, including radiation finding.
  • Complete CBC Study data and findings
Mailing address:
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