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April 29, 2021

Junk Begins To Pile Up Again At Granada Hills Hoarder House

Three weeks after the city spent $12,000 cleaning up a Granada Hills home filled with trash, debris is building up again.

After what neighbors called a few "blissful weeks" of looking at a clean yard, junk is once again starting to accumulate at the now infamous home on 16557 Bircher Street in Granada Hills.

The city of Los Angeles spent $12,000 at the end of March to remove 21,000 pounds of trash from the home's back and front yards. But three weeks later, discarded items are beginning to show up again.

"Three years of this and then you finally seem to be getting a solution to the problem, and then it just isn't," neighbor Les Claypool told CBS2. Neighbors say they fear that no matter what the city does, the mountains of trash will always be there. The trash is an eyesore, drain on property values, and health hazard: neighbors told KTLA5 that they've seen roaches and rats running through the neighborhood, which was never a problem before.

"We can't live like this," neighbor Sam Maldonian told CBS2.

After three years of fruitless complaints to the city, Councilmember John Lee helped organize the city-funded cleanup of a house that's been plaguing his constituents. The LAPD and even the TV show "Hoarders" showed up to help in cleaning the property up. Lee said that he hoped the sight of a clean yard would convince the owners to keep their property clean, but that has not come to pass. Lee also said that the homeowner has paid all the fines associated with code violations, so there isn't much more the city can do until Robert Orozco appears in court in August.

Orozco is due in court because the city claims that he is running an illegal junkyard business from the driveway. Neighbors say the house became a problem three years ago after his parents died and Orozco took over. Security footage has shown cars and trucks pulling up to the driveway throughout the night, another headache for the beleaguered neighbors.

One comment on “Junk Begins To Pile Up Again At Granada Hills Hoarder House”

  1. Hopefully the City is tacking on ALL clean up charges and fees to the property tax bill............

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